How to Use McAfee Data Loss Prevention?

Wherever it resides in the cloud, on-premise, on completion of the Compliance, or the McAfee Data Loss Prevention to ensure (DLP) security to protect sensitive data and protect Intellectual property. McAfee DLP instrument or physical or virtual, low maintenance, management, updates, and McAfee Total Protection for deployment through streamlined reporting ePolicy Orchestrator platform, are delivered.

All endpoints and DLP DB server, at least 80 GB hard disk

and 100 Mbps LAN Microsoft Windows 2003 or later serving: to ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements such as check your system.
Contact a sales representative from McAfee website and the purchase of McAfee data loss prevention software.
Install the software for your network data loss prevention. Connect to all end points including laptop and thus get great protection.
If you wish to set up the system to the level of data protection. From being downloaded onto any removable media informed. Control how and when data is sent from anywhere on your network.
Use McAfee data loss prevention software superiors or network managers to keep track of usage data.
Block, filter and monitor your network and find all the information on the programs and the information is being used at any given time.